I should’ve been Sleeping

Instead of sleeping I stay awake at night thinking what I should blog about next. I promised a pattern for the slippers I mentioned in my last post, but did I write anything down after I changed the pattern?

The answer is NO!!

Why do I do this to myself?

The answer is I DON’T KNOW!!

Now I must deconstruct the slipper and write down every change I made.

Until next time.


I tried Double Knitting

I’ve haven’t posted in awhile but that’s okay because everyday I try to incorporate knitting or crafting into it. That includes reading other blogs about knitting and fiber arts. It’s very interesting to see how others blog and find that I have a lot in common with others. Especially casting on a project before finishing one.

Recently I’ve started knitting slippers  and they are adorable.  Well slippers come in pairs, but as of now only one is done. When it’s finished I’ll post it here with the pattern.

So instead of finishing the other slipper I tried double knitting. I stumbled across a blog that explained and had tutorials and videos for double knitting. It looked amazing and the great thing about double knitting is that both sides are stockinette and it doesn’t curl.

Now I ran into a few problems, first casting on, then getting the sides right and how the yarn is supposed to be carried and finally casting off. So basically every step of the process but WHATS NEW.

The swatch is completed and I’m glad that I learned a new technique but I’m not sure what I’ll use it for.

DK 1

DK 2
See the mistake?

It’s always good to try and learn something new.

Have any of you tried double knitting? How’d it turn out?

PomPom Rug

PomPom Rug

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you may have seen this post about my WIPs, then you saw a pile of pompom’s that I had made.

photo 1 (3)


Well I made a lot more for the project I was working on. I made a Pompom Rug after I saw this one on Pinterest.

All the yarn I used to make the pompom’s was what I had on hand. (I barely made a dent in my stash.) After I had all of them made I started tying them to a piece of pre-cut plastic canvas that I found in my mom’s craft supplies.

Rug 2
How it started
Rug 3
The back
Rug 4
Filling in

Rug 5


At about this point I realized that I was putting them way to close together and was making it really dense. So I started moving them around and gave them some more room and space. I just kept adding and filling in the spaces until I ran out.

Rug 9
Almost done

Rug 11

These were all the pompom’s I had made so I had to make about three more to finish it.

When I was done I cleaned up the back and fluffed the pompom’s up to look nice.

I decided to put it in my bedroom in front of my bookcase.

Rug 12
In its place.

It looks beautiful in its place and the colors look really nice against the colors of my books.

A Hectic Week

After a hectic and busy week I’ve picked up my knitting. Last night I decided to make a washcloth, my mom knits them all the time and I thought why not try something new. I casted on at the beginning of the football game and was finished by the end. Now it took me longer than I thought it would because when making a washcloth you’re essentially knitting a square. The good thing is today I have two done and the second one took less time than the first.


I’ve realized . . .

I’m starting to realize that I may have too many projects started.

I have a busy weekend with many family and friends coming for a big dinner. Now I’m taking a break from my cleaning and I’ve discovered that I have a lot more projects than I let on in this blog post.

Everything is scattered around the house in multiple corners of multiple rooms. I had no idea that this many were started. So I am grateful for this dinner because as I clean everything up  it has shined a light on a problem I think all crafters have. An inability to finish one project before starting another one.

Thanks for reading, now I have to get back to cleaning.