New Years …

New Years …

The best thing about 2015 starting tomorrow is this calendar.


I received this from a friend of my aunt, we all share a love for Call the Midwife (watch it, its totally worth it). She saw it and thought of me and its very sweet.

I can’t wait to read all the advice and anecdotes from fellow knitters and crocheters.

It may be a little late to post this but if you want your own you can find one here or the Kindle version here.


Have a Happy New Year in 2015 and a great end to 2014!!!


The Best Christmas Gift Ever

For the past five years my extended family has done a Secret Santa. On Thanksgiving we all write down something we may want and pick names.

Every year the first thing I write down is the same thing; yarn. I love yarn and getting it as a gift is wonderful.

And that just what I got, six skeins worth. I was very excited and here’s proof.


Needless to say I was excited. My dad put it on Facebook and commented “she loves her yarn.” Well I do love my yarn, thank you very much.

The best part was I received the yarn I love to work with, Lion Brands Homespun. All in beautiful colors that I would’ve picked myself.

6 skeins
6 skeins

Before I can start using any of it I have to finish some projects that I have promised to make and today my dad asked for a new hat.

It was a good Christmas and I loved that most of the family was able to get together and share the evening.


How was you holiday?

Getting Back into it

It’s Christmas Eve and I woke up with a sore throat. Not the ideal way I wanted to spend the day since I have some knitting to finish up before tomorrow.

Since my ordeal with my finger that you can read about here, here, and here, I’ve really wanted to get back to my knitting.

I did over the weekend with a scarf and with a flower that I made for my mom to add to a headband. Now I need to knit some hats, I think I’ll get them done (hopefully).

A Merry Happy to you all.


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At least the Swelling is Down

The swelling in my ring finger is down. It’s been a week since I noticed it and it’s much better. I have a couple more days of keeping it wrapped up and no knitting.

That part is killing me. At night I usually knit while I’m watching TV and now I just sit there and it feels weird.

So I browse websites and I look online and see projects that I want to do and get really excited then wonder if I have the yarn for it then I remember I can’t do this now.

There is a long list of projects that I’ll be getting back to once this is healed and I’m so grateful for my mother for finishing what I couldn’t of special orders that I had.

The Doctor Said …

No knitting for a week!!

Seriously that’s what the doctor told me. I’m not very happy about it. When I told him that I knit he was very surprised and said it needed rest and wrapped up for a week.


I don’t know what to do with myself. I like to knit while I watch TV at night and I can’t do that so I’m lost.

Getting an X-ray done today to just be sure. At least the swelling is down. Hopefully by Friday I can get back to my knitting.

I Jammed My Finger . . . . .

parks and re(ference)

I jammed my finger knitting . . . who does that?

Well at least I think so because I don’t remember how I did it.

Who forgets how they jammed their finger?

So that means I’m out of the knitting game for now. I don’t like it especially right before the holidays when I have projects to finish.

I will admit I have tried and it is very difficult, it slows me down and my tension is off.

I got a real splint yesterday instead of this makeshift one.

Homemade finger splint
Homemade finger splint









Finger splint
Finger splint


How is your holiday knitting going?

Knitting in Public

Knitting in Public

While I’m waiting on pretty much anything I like to knit. I take my mom to her doctors appointments and there is a lot of waiting involved.

Today I’m waiting but by knitting in public today it has started two conversations and I’ve seen another woman crocheting.


Update: I had to undo all the rows (rip it rip it) but i went to a holiday concert last night and cast on and knit 7 rows