Scarf of the Day: No. 1

Scarf of the Day: No. 1

For the month of November I will (hopefully) be posting a scarf a day. I have very many scarves, some I’ve made, others were gifts, knitted and fabric, and I love them all.

The first scarf I’ll be sharing is an Entrelac Scarf, that I made a couple of years ago with a matching hat.

Day 1

I found this book, Entrelac, The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting by Rosemary Drysdale. It is fantastic and the instructions are well written and can be followed very well. It starts out with tutorials how to do base triangles, right-hand corner triangles, right-side rectangles, left-hand corner triangles, wrong-side rectangles, and end triangles. I used these to make my scarf and kept repeating and repeating until I finished my yarn.

Then I decided to do one of the projects in the book, the Tweed Beret. This hat is knit in the round from the top down but I must say that knitting Entrelac in the round is much easier.

Check back each day to see my collection of my scarves.


Have you tried Entrelac?


My First Craft Bazaar

My First Craft Bazaar

This weekend November 1st I will be doing my first craft bazaar. After I set up my Etsy shop, I started researching local craft shows and art shows that I could sell my work at. There are many in my area and so I signed up for three.

Yesterday I set up a mock table to see how how the items would look and how long it will take me to set up. I bought a foam head for hats and I wrapped shoe boxes with wrapping paper to use to display my products and add height to the table.

I ordered business cards online, printed price tags, cut up extra yarn, and have multiple lists checked off and ready to go.  There will be many different items including, slipper, washcloths, hats, baby hats, boot cuffs, fingerless gloves and much more. Getting ready is a lot of work but I think that it is all worth it. And I will have company as my mom and my cousin will be joining me.

If you are in and around the Fort Wayne, IN area come see us in person. You can find all the information on our Facebook page.


Check back in November I’ll be doing something fun that I hope you will enjoy.

I Dream of Knitting

I Dream of Knitting


I’m the type of person that writes down their dreams when they wake up in the morning. I keep a notebook by my bed and the first thing I do, if I remember my dream, is write it down.

I know it sounds weird but I think that dreams have meaning.

Especially since last night I dreamt of knitting. I was making a hat on straight needles, knitting back and forth. And the whole time I was thinking, “Why am I doing this when I know how to knit in the round?”

I don’t know what this dream means but I might cast on a hat today.  In the round.


Do you dream about knitting?


I have a lot of projects I’m currently working on. Some knitting, some not, but all using yarn.

After my last blog post about my new Pom-Pom maker I’ve made about 30. I saw something and had to make it for myself. No pictures yet as it is not done but here is a picture of the pile.

photo 1 (3)

I’ve also started a hat. I thought why not, I have yarn and I just put my Foolproof pattern up so why not make one myself. I found this pretty red in my stash so why not use it up.

photo 2 (3)

And finally this lap blanket, so simple and easy to make. It takes two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. You can find a similar one in my Etsy shop here. I’ve just added the second skein and when it’s completed it’ll be added to the shop too.

photo 3 (1)

I have a couple more things I’m working on but I’ll leave those as a secret for now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Foolproof Hat Pattern

Foolproof Hat Pattern

I’ve been knitting a lot of hats recently. This past winter I really got it down and figured out a good pattern to use. Everyone wanted one and my cousin even saw one I had just finished for someone else and took it for himself.

I would much rather knit in the round on circular needles on double pointed than to knit flat and seam it up (if I do that then my mom does the seaming).

photo 1 (1)

So the pattern goes

Cast on 80 sts (if using dpn separate evenly onto 4 needles, or a 12in circular needles)

Place stitch marker

Rows 1-10 rib, k2, p2

Rows 11-40: k every row

Now you start decreasing

Row 41: k3, k2tog across

42: k

43: k2, k2tog across

44: k

45: k1, k2tog across

46: k

47: k2tog across

48: k

49: k2tog across

Cut yarn and leave a tail to thread the remaining stitches and pull to tighten.

The great thing about this hat pattern is that you can choose to use multiple colors or even add a pompom.

photo 2 (1)
with a pompom

Did anyone know that it could be spelled pompoM or pompoN?