My First Craft Bazaar

My First Craft Bazaar

This weekend November 1st I will be doing my first craft bazaar. After I set up my Etsy shop, I started researching local craft shows and art shows that I could sell my work at. There are many in my area and so I signed up for three.

Yesterday I set up a mock table to see how how the items would look and how long it will take me to set up. I bought a foam head for hats and I wrapped shoe boxes with wrapping paper to use to display my products and add height to the table.

I ordered business cards online, printed price tags, cut up extra yarn, and have multiple lists checked off and ready to go.  There will be many different items including, slipper, washcloths, hats, baby hats, boot cuffs, fingerless gloves and much more. Getting ready is a lot of work but I think that it is all worth it. And I will have company as my mom and my cousin will be joining me.

If you are in and around the Fort Wayne, IN area come see us in person. You can find all the information on our Facebook page.


Check back in November I’ll be doing something fun that I hope you will enjoy.




I made slippers because I thought that there would be a need for them. More comfort than just a sock and better than walking around the house in shoes all day.

It took me some time to actually make a pair and I only did because my mom found a free pattern online. Well that pattern sort of worked but I made one that was much better for me.

The pattern goes …

Cast on 28sts

Row 1(RS): k
Row 2(WS): k10, pm, p8, pm, k10

Repeat rows 1 and 2, 13 times for a total of 28 rows

Row 29(RS): k
Row 30(WS): p

Repeat 4 times for a total of 10 rows

Row 39(RS): k2tog across the whole row
Row 40 : p
Row 41 : k2tog across the whole row

Leave a long tail and thread onto tapestry needle. Thread remaining sts onto needle and pull tight. Seam across the stockinette and the cast on side for the heel. You could even add a pompom if you like.

photo 1
I wear a size 9 and these fit me well but I think they would fit a size up or a size down.


K – Knit


PM – Place Marker

RS – Right Side

WS – Wrong Side

Do you have a pair of slippers that you love?