I’m Back . . .

I’m Back . . .

Well I haven’t posted anything in about three months but here I am. I have been knitting this whole time I just didn’t post.

So now here I am, knitting and hopefully a couple of times a week I’ll be sharing with you all. I’m thinking that I try to post multiple times a week about what I’m working on and what new projects I would love to try.

This past week I’ve been making pairs of finger less gloves in multiple colors. These are for the Craft Bazaars that I participate in. I’m starting much earlier than I did last year but now I know what to expect and know what better to prepare for.

It’s mostly done but I just need to finish the thumb.

I also realized that I’ve had this blog for a year so that’s exciting. Hopefully within this next year I’ll have more posts than the last.

Thanks for reading!!