Today is…

Today is…

…My Birthday!!

Well it’s a good day. My parents made my favorite foods and my family came to celebrate with me.

But the best part of today is my cake.

Birthday Cake

My mom made it and I decorated it. I love purple so I put food dye and colored it.

I had to decorate it with a ball of yarn and some knitting. I love it.

It’s been a good birthday. Thanks for reading.


Scarf of the Day: No. 29

Scarf of the Day: No. 29

I finally got back to knitting today, finished up a pair of gloves and started a shawl.

The scarf today is a fabric one, covered with purple and pink flowers. It’s different because there is elastic sewn up the middle so it bunches up. It’s nice and light, especially in this cold weather. But we hit 50 degrees today so YAY!!


Not a long post today so I can get back to knitting.

Can you believe that there’s only one day left in November?

Scarf of the Day: No. 28

Scarf of the Day: No. 28

I spent most of the day listing new items in my Etsy shop.

It takes up more time than I think it will. I also struggled with figuring out how to get the pictures onto the computer so I had to call my dad. But it all worked out in the end.

I made this scarf when I had first started knitting. I loved the yarn because of the fall colors.


It was when I had first started so it’s thin. I cast on 20 sts. and knit in garter stitch.

How did your Friday go?

Scarf of the Day: No. 12

Scarf of the Day: No. 12

Today’s scarf I had to search for.

It was not with all my others hanging in my room but actually in our hall closet. With it I also found some gloves and a hat I had completely forgotten about.

Anyway, this scarf my mom made for me years ago. The yarn had been part of our stash for a while so she used it and I love the way the colors ended up.

The striping of the purple, blues, and green was very interesting. The only thing is that it curls because of the stockinette even with the edging.


I braided the fringe on the end when I was bored and it stayed like that.

Scarf of the Day: No. 10

Scarf of the Day: No. 10

The scarf today is a knit scarf that I received for Christmas 2011.

I come from a big extended family so for Christmas we do Secret Santa. Everyone fills out a sheet of what they would want no more than $10. We each pick a name out of a hat and everyone gets to open a present after dinner while we’re together.

In 2011 one of my cousins picked me and I had asked for yarn , of course, candy and a scarf. Well I got candy and a scarf.

. IMG_1092.JPG

It’s a knit fabric that’s striped with my favorite colors so I think he did pretty well.

Scarf of the Day: No. 5

Scarf of the Day: No. 5

I lost track of time working on a project so I’m posting this late at night on my way to bed.

So this is going to be short.

This scarf I made with one ball of yarn at least six years ago. I bought it on sale or clearance and that was all that was left but I loved it because it was purple and the frills in pink and white.

I cast on 14 stitches and knit in garter until it was done. I cast it off way to tight, which was a common mistake of mine. But I’ve gotten better.

. IMG_1069.JPG

Thanks for reading, goodnight.