Mystery: Week 4

Mystery: Week 4

This weeks clue was the Daisy Stitch. It’s different than the last couple of weeks because of the four row repeat until you get to six inches. I do like this stitch but the video was necessary in understanding what to do and how to do it. Also the instructions just said to do the Daisy stitch without written instructions. Even the chart just says Daisy stitch.

Here’s a link to the video Yarnspirations posted

It definitely helped and now I’ve got it.


The thing about the Daisy Stitch is that the WS is where all the work is done. It’s really interesting because the RS and the WS are so distinct.

Right Side
Right Side


Wrong Side
Wrong Side

The pattern is a 4 row repeat. I repeated them 5 times and then row 1 and 2 to get to the six inches and then cast off. It’s really important to stay loose and keep an even tension through out. It sort of ends up a little rectangular but when I stretched it a bit it became more of a square.

I have to make 8 squares but I only have 4 done so I have to get working.

Update on last weeks clue, the instructions were to make 8 and I only had 4 done when this weeks clue was released. My mom has taken them over and she has two left to make.


If you’re doing this KAL/CAL let me know how you’re doing in the comments.


My Second Sweater

My Second Sweater

Last year after I finished my first sweater, I decided to start a second one. And it took a whole year to finish.

Well not really, I started on the sleeves and knit them both at the same time, then the back and the front was started and not finished. It was left on the needle for more than 8 months until I got it back out to finish it. Then I cast it off and it stayed in four pieces for about a month until my mom seamed up the sides for me. We also did the collar after it was seamed together and then the last thing added were the sleeves.

I don’t seam things up myself, my mom always does it for me and I’m grateful because she does an amazing job.



If you remember my first sweater it ended up being way to big and bulky and it was short and boxy on me. What I did to make this sweater better fit was to modify the first pattern I used to make this one. I put my first one on and pulled the sleeves and body to me and marked it and then subtracted the number of stitches and that worked.

I used the same yarn as the first one, Lion Brand’s Heartland in Olympic. I love this shade of blue and this sweater looks much better than the first. It may have taken a long while to finish but I’m grateful its done.

I love it so much that I’ve worn it two days in a row.


Also I’ve listed new items in my Etsy shop. A baby blanket and a lap blanket.


Has it taken you over a year to finish a project? Let me know in the comments.


Mystery: Week 3

Mystery: Week 3

This weeks clue was some what delayed, so I took the time I was going to spend on that on finishing a baby blanket. Its done and now I have a new item for my Etsy shop.

Baby Blanket

The clue was to make a striped corner to corner square. The last two weeks we were to make 4 squares each but this week its 8. I only have 3 done because the clue was late and I was busy finishing projects and starting others. I’m really liking the colors that I chose and the way that the stripes have ended up.

Yarnspirains Week 3


It is very cold here so knitting is how I’ve been spending most of my time while watching my favorite TV shows. A little bit of a tangent Parks and Recreation ended last night and I loved every second. You should all watch it.

I love knitting in public and on Monday night my brother was in an orchestra concert so the nice orchestral music was good to knit along to. I had to start something and take it with me as the baby blanket was to big at this point to fit into my bag so i started a 4 by 4 rib scarf, and in the hour and a half we were there I knit 9 inches. That’s not to bad for me. This will be my new take-along project when I’m in waiting rooms.

Let me know what you’re working on in the comments, thanks for reading.

Mystery: Week 2

Mystery: Week 2

This weeks mystery clue was to make a cabled square.

Well I don’t like knitting cables so this week my mom made them. Cables confuse me but my mom says they’re the easiest if you follow the pattern and read the instructions.

Cabled Squares

These were much smaller than last weeks. They are about 6 in squares. They look very rectangular I think that it’ll work out.


Now we have 8 squares done. I can’t wait for next Tuesday and Week 3.

If you’re also doing this KAL let me know how you’re doing in the comments.

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

For the past five years my extended family has done a Secret Santa. On Thanksgiving we all write down something we may want and pick names.

Every year the first thing I write down is the same thing; yarn. I love yarn and getting it as a gift is wonderful.

And that just what I got, six skeins worth. I was very excited and here’s proof.


Needless to say I was excited. My dad put it on Facebook and commented “she loves her yarn.” Well I do love my yarn, thank you very much.

The best part was I received the yarn I love to work with, Lion Brands Homespun. All in beautiful colors that I would’ve picked myself.

6 skeins
6 skeins

Before I can start using any of it I have to finish some projects that I have promised to make and today my dad asked for a new hat.

It was a good Christmas and I loved that most of the family was able to get together and share the evening.


How was you holiday?

Christmas Tree Crafting

Christmas Tree Crafting

Yesterday my two cousins, J and M, came over. We were babysitting while their parents were at a Christmas party. Every time they come over we do a different craft and they love it. On time it was painting, another time I taught them how to hand knit, and this time we made Christmas trees. Yarn wrapped foam cones, with pompoms, trim and ribbon.

I got everything out before they came over and put it all out so they would have multiple things to choose from. I looked through our supplies at home and had much of what we needed, like the ribbon, pompoms, trim, and Christmas fabric. I only had to buy the foam cones and the green frilly yarn. (Later I saw that we could have made our own cones with paper plates, good to know for next time.

The first thing I did was have them wrap the trees with the yarn, I used a hot glue gun for the base and the top.

M wrapping his Christmas tree
M wrapping his Christmas tree

I think this part took the longest for M, he was very technical about it. While he was working J had to wait, we were taking turns, and M says, “Patience, my young padawan.” Love a good Star Wars reference and my brother cracked up laughing.

Their wrapped Christmas trees with a roaring fir place in the background.
Their wrapped Christmas trees with a roaring fire place in the background and a Christmas movie on TV. 

After this was done we took a break because dinner was ready.

I had a lot of things for them to chose from, red and gold ribbon, snowflakes, pompoms, trim that had snowmen, gingerbread men and lights.

I let them pick whatever they wanted and the things I had less of we split equally, to be fair.

Christmas tree   Christmas tree

J made four equally parts on his tree and laid it all out in a pattern so they would all be the same. M was a more free flowing and wanted this here and that there. Since I used a hot glue gun I was in charge of it and put dabs of glue and had them hold things in place for 10 sec, 30 sec, or a minute depending on how big the item was and it allowed me to go back and forth between them.

Later my brother took them to see Big Hero 6, so while they were gone my mom and I made tree skirts out of fabric. We just cut out circles and glued the edges down so it would look finished.

When they got back we finished them up and the tree skirts and little presents.

This project was a big hit with them so I’m glad we did it and their mom said she was going to use them as the centerpieces for our extended family Christmas dinner.


Hot glue gun

hot glue gun sticks

foam cone

green frilly yarn





embellishments, what ever you have around the house

What we used on our trees.
What we used on our trees.

I found this idea on Pinterest but I can’t find the pin so I don’t know the original poster. If anyone knows please let me know i n the comments. Thanks.

This is a fun craft project to do with kids. Have you done any Christmas crafting?