Scarf of the Day: No. 16

Scarf of the Day: No. 16

I know I’m writing this late but I had a birthday party today. Happy 3rd Birthday to my little cousin.

This scarf also has butterflies on it. It’s not covered with butterflies like my other one.


This scarf has a nice ombré effect. Going from a peachy color to a deep orange.

It’s a nice one and is very light. It brightens up these dreary days.

We’re getting up to two inches of snow tonight!!
Can you believe it’s snowing already?


Scarf of the Day: No. 3

Scarf of the Day: No. 3

Today’s scarf is one I didn’t make myself. It is a fabric scarf covered in butterflies.

I found this on the clearance rack at Kohl’s. We stopped in quick to find something, I can’t remember what, and I love to look at the clearance so I headed to the accessories and found this scarf.

Now I love butterflies and I was even one for Halloween a couple if years ago, so I had to have this scarf. And with it being on clearance and me having a coupon it worked out really well.