Scarf of the Day: No. 22

Scarf of the Day: No. 22

Today’s scarf is a pseudo-cowl. It’s another Enterlac piece that I made.

My first blog post about Entrelac can be read here, my very first Scarf of the Day. This wasn’t really a pattern in the book but just the tutorials in the beginning included how to do Entrelac in a triangle.


I had bought three skins of Lion Brands Hometown USA, I knit something up but didn’t like it. So when it was all done I undid it and made something else.

I ended up not liking that either so I undid it and made this instead.

I love the way it ended up and how the colors helped enhance the pattern. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get something right.

Have you ever finished a project just to undo it and start over again?


Scarf of the Day: No.15

Scarf of the Day: No.15

Can you believe it’s been half a month already?

This scarf is very special, it was made for me when I was in high school by my best friends mom. When she started knitting she made us matching scarves.

They’re not exactly the same because hers is in garter stitch, knit every row, and mine is a 4 by 4 rib, knit 4 then purl 4.



I remember when she gave them to us and my friend said her mom kept counting,

1, 2, 3, 4

over and over again. And that’s what you have to do when you knit a rib stitch.

She had knit two strands of yarn together one black and one red but both sparkly. I love it and it’s wonderful.

So thanks to Mrs. H for making them and my friend C for sending me pictures of her scarf.



15 more days left in November. I can keep this up. 🙂