Mystery: Week 9

I know, I know its been weeks since the clue was released but a lot has happened since then so it took a while to get it done. My mom seamed all of the squares together and it took some time especially because she needed a good source of light to do it.

First we laid them all out in the order that they were going to be stitched together.


I took pictures of the whole process and how she stitched them together. On the Yarnspirations Facebook page they said that you should start at the center square and work your way outwards but that’s not how she did it.

The videos that they posted weren’t that great because what they showed weren’t even squares that we’ve been knitting and on less bulky yarn. Overall not so good but my mom stitched them together the way she usually does.



She started on each edge and stitching them together. Then she added the next row. Next she added the squares around the middle square and then put them all together. Last she stitched the long panels along the edge.

We did rotate some of the squares and changed them for what the instructions and the diagram said but I think it looks great.

My brother’s head peeking out behind the afghan.



Here it is all stitched together. Thanks to my brother for helping me out and holding it up.

I’ll have Week 10 done soon and post it for my readers.

Thanks for reading and let me know how your KAL/CAL went.



3 thoughts on “Mystery: Week 9

  1. I don’t know any knitters and have tried YouTube with no success. Can you tell me how to pick up an edge stitch in a seed stitched project? I dropped the edge and the stitch next to it and was able to pick up the next one properly but not the edge stitch.


  2. BTW this project looks fantastic. I started the CAL but hate it! I haven’t finished week 4 yet…maybe I will finish it for my daughter, but the colours I got were not a good mix.


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