Update: Yarnspirations has updated the Week 8 clue to fix mistakes that were written in the pattern.



This week was the Whirly Square. It’s much bigger than any of the others we have knit at 22 in and luckily we only needed to make one. I apologize that it took me a week to post but my mom got this done at 11 pm last night.

Whirly Square
My mom knitting the square.


My mom knit this one but we had some struggles reading the pattern and following through. I also found that many people were having similar issues by reading Facebook comments. It was a bit of a disappointment that it was written poorly and that the video they put up this week was not good in helping to understand what needs to be done. It was surprising as the past seven clues were written well and the videos were helpful if I didn’t understand the pattern.

The first thing that needs to be done is the Center Square, knit 30 rows in contrast A (garter st). Then to change to 5 dpn’s and knit one more row in contrast A and then change to contrast B and knit 1 row. This is different than what the instructions say but bear with me. Then take the second needle and pick up and k 15 sts across the left side edge. Next with the third needle pick up and k 15 sts along the bottom edge and then  with the fourth needle pick up and k 15 sts along the right side. 60 sts total, 15 sts on each needle. Then purl one round.

Center Square


With 4 dpn's
With 4 dpn’s











Next you k the four triangles separately.

The special st in this pattern is wrap and turn (W&T) – Bring yarn to front of work. Slip next stitch purlwise. Bring yarn to back of work. Slip stitch back onto left-hand needle. Turn work. Then take working yarn to the back.

Row 1 (RS) – k2, W&T

Row 2 (WS) -and all even rows – k

Row 3 – k3, W&T

all odd rows work as established.

Row 26 – k, break yarn and leave sts on needle or st holder

Repeat this pattern for the 3 remaining sides of the Center Square.


First triangle
First triangle


First set of triangles
First set of triangles
















After this you knit the second  set of triangles. This part of the pattern was written well so we followed it as is, but it did take the longest time to do.

Second set of triangles
Second set of triangles

Finally the border, sorry I don’t have pictures of the process.

You change back to contrast A on circular needles and have all 212 sts on the needles, 53 sts between each st marker. The border is done in seed st and the first part is written correctly because it is done over an odd number of sts so you knit the first st in every row.

The second and third side are written wrong because it is done over an even number so you k the first st in the one row and then the next row you purl the first st. Make sure you just follow in seed st and follow the pattern. Many people also commented on this on the Yarnspirations Facebook page.

The last border is written correctly so you knit the first st of every row.


This pattern was not written well and it was a little disapointing that it took us the entire week to knit one square so hopefully this week is better.

Thanks everyone for reading and the comments, if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them.


9 thoughts on “Mystery: Week 8

  1. Hi!I just finished the first set of triangles and is kind of confused as how to start on the second set of triangles. Pattern says to knit the first 15 stitches and then to pick and knit another 13 on the next triangle. Do I pick one stitch and immediately knit it before proceeding on the next stitch or am I to pick up all 13 stitches and then knit them? Thanks in advance.


  2. Thrilled that I found your Blog. I got thrown for a loop at the Week8 Square. I even contacted Yarnspirations, but their reply was of NO help. Thanks for Posting your project, the pictures were better than a thousand words. -TB


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