The Best Christmas Gift Ever

For the past five years my extended family has done a Secret Santa. On Thanksgiving we all write down something we may want and pick names.

Every year the first thing I write down is the same thing; yarn. I love yarn and getting it as a gift is wonderful.

And that just what I got, six skeins worth. I was very excited and here’s proof.


Needless to say I was excited. My dad put it on Facebook and commented “she loves her yarn.” Well I do love my yarn, thank you very much.

The best part was I received the yarn I love to work with, Lion Brands Homespun. All in beautiful colors that I would’ve picked myself.

6 skeins
6 skeins

Before I can start using any of it I have to finish some projects that I have promised to make and today my dad asked for a new hat.

It was a good Christmas and I loved that most of the family was able to get together and share the evening.


How was you holiday?


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