The Most Expensive Yarn I Ever Bought

This past week my cousin visited from California. She brought a project with her that she has had trouble with for me to help her. I cast it on and knit a few rows in the pattern and then she took over.

photo (1)
Bulky Yarn and Size 19 Needles

She ordered a kit online that came with needles, 4 balls of 100% wool yarn, and a pattern. When she told me how much she paid my jaw dropped. I would never pay that much. When I buy yarn and needles I have coupons or wait for a sale.

Now for patterns there are so many great sources online for free patterns and tutorials.

This got me thinking to the time I bought very expensive yarn at a local yarn shop. My mom and I went in to check it out and found this beautiful alpaca blend purple yarn. I loved it so we bought to skeins for more money than I’ve ever bought yarn far and more than I’ll ever spend again.

I found a pattern for a short row scarf and made it. It is so very warm and I love it.

photo (2)
Finished Product

Have you ever bought too expensive yarn?


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