I’ve been knitting a lot of hats recently. This past winter I really got it down and figured out a good pattern to use. Everyone wanted one and my cousin even saw one I had just finished for someone else and took it for himself.

I would much rather knit in the round on circular needles on double pointed than to knit flat and seam it up (if I do that then my mom does the seaming).

photo 1 (1)

So the pattern goes

Cast on 80 sts (if using dpn separate evenly onto 4 needles, or a 12in circular needles)

Place stitch marker

Rows 1-10 rib, k2, p2

Rows 11-40: k every row

Now you start decreasing

Row 41: k3, k2tog across

42: k

43: k2, k2tog across

44: k

45: k1, k2tog across

46: k

47: k2tog across

48: k

49: k2tog across

Cut yarn and leave a tail to thread the remaining stitches and pull to tighten.

The great thing about this hat pattern is that you can choose to use multiple colors or even add a pompom.

photo 2 (1)
with a pompom

Did anyone know that it could be spelled pompoM or pompoN?


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