My First Sweater

Last December I decided that I wanted to knit a sweater. Something for myself that would be the biggest project I tackled so far.

I searched and searched for simple sweater patterns but I didn’t like anything until I found now that used three different colors of yarn. I modified the pattern to only use one and simplified it for my first project.

Now it turned out well enough. I used Lion Brand Heartland Yarn. It’s so soft and warm and it took four balls to complete. It was knit flat, the two sleeves first at the same time on round knitting needles to hold the stitches, then the back and the front. I had an unfinished sweater in four pieces.

My mom, who taught me how to knit, pieced it all together and joined the seams for me.

photo (1)
Me wearing my first sweater!!!!

Now this sweater is a little baggy, the sleeves a little short and too wide but I had completed a beautiful sweater by the first week in February, and it is wonderful.


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